168 Self Storage
Offers variety of size of storage space that will accommodate your various needs

10 minutes walk from Cultural Center Station,
24 hours access with Key Card. Safety is guaranteed with close-circuit camera

One Stop that will accommodate all needs

  • Consultant service for transportation
  • Property Insurance
  • Co-packing space
  • Boxing and packaging facility service
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6 Steps to Service

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Select the service

Select the term of service

Pay for the selected service

Receieve Key card

Transport items to storage

8 Benefits

City Base

Situate in the heart of the city, easy to access from multiple routes such as Ratchadaphisek Rd, Huai Kwang, Sutthisan, Din Daneg, etc. it is also nearby MRT Cultural Center Station and many other mall such as The Street, Big C Ratchada, HomePro Ratchada, Esplaande, Macro Horeca, IT Mall, Central Rama 9, and many office building.


We offer various size of storage space ranging from S, M, L, XL, XXL for you to select from. We also offer other service such as mail box.


Easy to move items with available cart and other moving equipment on the spot with generous loading space.

Co-packing space

168 Self Storage make available the co-space room assisted with various convenience facilities that can be used for packing items to suit the needs of online merchants that can utilize the space to deliver items to their customer.


Set your own pass code to protect your items.


168 Self Storage takes care of your belongings with security system consists of CCTV for both outside and in-house, access control with Digital lock and Key card.

Competitive Price

The space is offered in affordable price, accommodating both short-term and long-term storage whether storage is weekly, monthly, or yearly. With longer terms come with greater discount.

Consultancy Service

We give advice on transportation, packing, and offer boxing and packaging facility service, lock, and insurance policy for your belongings.

Let 168 Self Storage assist your needs

If you are in need of storage that categorize types of items and allow easy access for bring back to use such as storage for:

  • Furniture
  • Important or significant belongings but rarely used
  • Sport equipment, toys, old books, paintings
  • Items of hobby, collection, souvenir, and other accumulating belongings
  • Mail box
  • Storage to keep travel belongings, traveling case
  • Etc

If the office space you have is just simply not enough or when you require storage space that offers…

  • Inventory stock
  • Place of distribution without having to rent more office
  • Offer packing space
  • Keeping important documents, accounting record
  • Function of mail box
  • Keep the belongings use for work/ office furniture
  • Advertisement material, movable poster, Booth setup equipment, Event equipment

I am an online products merchant that sell pre-order products from China and Korea. When I order merchandise, I have to keep them with me and it take up all my space at home. My life has become much better after getting in touch with this service. When I have an order I just come in to 168 Self Storage that also offers packing space, I can just call my courier here and let them deliver product. It is very satisfying

Sapanya Seesuk/ Business Owner

I have always looking for storage space that suits the size of my small business. Once I know of this service I am not disappointed at all. It serves as a place of distribution, no need to rent office, accessible 24/7, offering a smooth business experience as I don’t have to wait until morning. The staff is very friendly and accommodate my needs while also give great advice.

Panan Chamnansuta/ Business Owner

I love to online shipping. However, my family is rarely at home and so I rent a mail box here. Wow.. it is really convenient when there is a person to receive your item for you without the item being returned to the post office. I can just collect my stuff at my convenient. Really recommend

Umaporn Chaisee/ Office worker

I work as a photographer for various events. I used to have to rent a place to store my tools at the outskirt of the city. When I am on the job the travel could be unpleasant. Now that I use this service the traveling has become much more convenient with just a train ride. Really convenient.

Soraj Jannaruekul/ Freelance Photographer

At that time I was renovating my house and I have lots of things I don’t know where to keep it. I stumble upon this place by accident and it really accommodates my needs. Even though it was just a short term service but I am really impressed.

Rungtawan Thongrueng/ Stayhome Spouse

I traveled to Thailand and has a plan to visit many place but I can’t take all belongings along on the journey, I store my belongings at 168 Self Storage and only take the necessary one with me on the trip. Very convenient. Now when my friend comes to Thailand I am certain to tell them about this service.

Michael Goncharol/ Tourist